About Hodejegerne

Hodejegerne (The Head-hunters) is a recruitment firm focusing on management positions involving communication as a key competence element. We are specialists in editorial and commercial management positions in the media, however we also have many customers in the private and public sectors in academic, cultural and charitable organisations.

We assist our customers in all phases of the recruitment process, ensuring that both our customers as well as our candidates experience our work as being thoroughly professional. We do our best to fulfil the needs and desires of our customers, but at the same time we make sure that we work carefully and systematically according to structured quality processes.

We ensure that your recruitment process is moving forward at the right pace. We keep our customers and candidates well-informed throughout the process and we ensure that our customers have the best possible knowledge on which to base their final choice.

We deem confidentiality and reliability to be core values in our work, meaning that we treat all knowledge that is shared with our firm with great care and caution. All consultants at Hodejegerne have diverse leadership experience and a higher education. Please contact us when you are looking for good managers and leaders. To learn more about how we structure our relationships with our customers, we would be happy to provide you with customer references.

If you are seeking new employment, send your CV to us for registration. We will then contact you if your background is relevant for one of our assignments. Please send your CV to cv@hodejegerne.no